Helping you thrive, not just survive.

When you think of a salon breakroom, what comes to mind? Let's be honest - it's eating our lunch in 5 minutes because we are booked solid, it's a place we go to vent or maybe a place to ask a fellow stylist for help on a formula or technique. It's a place for us to have a moment and if we're lucky, it might even feel like a bit of an escape.

The Salon Breakroom is a very special place for hairdressers.  It's a place where camaraderie is built, where ideas are shared, where a language is spoken that only hairdressers understand. These magical moments are the reason The Salon Breakroom was created.  

Hairdressing is a lifestyle. It is a subculture. The Salon Breakroom was founded by Christina McCarver with a mission to help improve the lives of hairdressers with lifestyle tips, tricks and tools for the salon and beyond. You won't find hair cutting or color education videos here. Rather, you'll find information that is intended to help your everyday be just a little better, a little more insightful and little more empowered.  We are the digital version of a breakroom...minus the gossip  :) 

(Now when someone asks what you're doing on your phone, you can say you're in The Salon Breakroom and that'll actually be a good thing!)