Where have we been?

Hi everyone! It's been a bit quiet from us the past few months, eh?

I wanted to take a moment to share something that I believe many of us can probably connect with. The last few months has been challenging for me on a lot of levels and I simply needed to take time for myself. In December, I struggled with crippling stress; it was something I had never experienced before. I won't divulge all of the details, but to make it worse, the timing was horrible. I had just launched TSB, the holidays were happening, and on top of it I was in the process of buying a house - which in California is a vicious experience. This period of time was one of the toughest I've personally experienced.

But, I made it through.

I made it through and I feel like I've come out stronger. I moved into my new home and have been studying up on a lot of creative interests I have. Learning about interior design, cooking (healthy and guilty pleasures), plants, exercise, mental health, music and of course continually nerding out on all things hair. These are things that I've always loved and find solitude in. As creatives, we can all agree that we continually seek inspiration. What I found in my time of self discovery are the pillars that help enable me artistically and why (in no particular order).

1. Interior Design - Our surroundings are so important to our well being and creative energy. I found that being in a space surrounded by things that both bring me calm and inspiration enables me to function better. This looks different for everyone, hence your personal aesthetic, but for me, I love clean lines, art on the walls, and things that jog fond memories.

2. Cooking - Food nourishes us in more ways than one. Let me say, I've always loved cooking. I love food that is healthy and delicious and I also love food that is full of guilt and delicious. I grew up with a mother that was a real boss in the kitchen and taught us that food brought people together. Eventually, I decided I wanted to learn more about food and the effects it has on our bodies (more about that in another blog). I started reading about nutrition, ingredients, cooking methods, etc. I am no expert, but I think I've got the basics down!

3. Exercise - We all know exercise is important, especially for having such a physically demanding job. Let me be straight here...I HATED working out. Then eventually something clicked and I got to a point where I couldn't live without it. I found that exercise reduced my stress and anxiety, it gave me energy and a focus on eating better but also an ocassional hall pass to eat my guilty pleasures lol. Hey, it's a balance, right?

4. Plants - I love them. Plants inspire me to be more nurturing. They also visually spark my imagination with their textures, shapes, and colors. The give me a sense of earth inside my home and I find great joy in watching them grow.

5. Mental Health - This is incredibly important for us hairdressers. We constantly expend our energy, putting on a smile (even when it's hard to) and giving to others. It's no wonder we often feel drained after a day at work. For me, I made the personal decision to take anti-anxiety medication to help, but all the other points on my list are what gives me balance, a sense of control (we all need this!) and peace.

6. Music - We all love it. Sounds stimulate the mind and can set us off into another world. It helps express who we are, allows us to escape, energizes us, reminds us of people and moments...it even can make us feel less alone. Check out our new Soundcloud page here for weekly playlists!

I'm excited to be back and start sharing more content that is curated to enhance our lives as people and pros.

Stay safe and be well,


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