Welcome to The Salon Breakroom

Hello you beautiful hairdresser, you!

Welcome to your very own digital version of the salon breakroom. If you're curious about how this all started, please visit the founder and about page to learn a little bit of the background.

If you don't feel like doing that and are like "come on Christina just tell me what the hell this is" then here you go -

The Salon Breakroom is the world's first lifestyle brand for hairdressers. What does that mean? Well, hairdressing is not just a job or a career. It's a lifestyle and a culture all it's own. Have you ever heard anyone say "hairdressers are their own breed"? Ever go to a beauty show and think "wow, we really have a look"? Exactly. We have a language and dialogue only we can understand. We are cursed with formulating color in our minds for people around us when we are stuck in line at Starbucks. We often want to take the thinning shears to the hair of anyone walking around with "bulky hair". We stare at people, not because we have a staring problem but because we think they'd look so much better if we did their hair. We speak about color in numbers and hair cutting in angles. We always have cash, our feet hurt and shoulders hurt, we love giving and making people feel good about themselves.

We relate best to each other.

So, because only we understand us best, we are also our own best resource for support. That, my friends, is what this is all about.

Moving right along...

First, let's set some intentions for this space.

1. This is intended to be a positive place for us as professionals to hang out in. Be nice :)

2. Please like, comment and share topics you find insightful. We are one team with one dream and nothing without each other.

3. Invite your friends to The Salon Breakroom

4. Come back often for your sip of the breakroom "tea" (or coffee because that's what we do)

I'm so thrilled that you're here! I really want to thank you for your time in visiting the breakroom (probably don't hear that everyday lol). My hope is that this becomes a place for you to escape from the noise and focus on what's really important as a professional - you're well being and focus for the future. I firmly believe that as a community, we need each other to grow and develop not only ourselves but the future of this beautiful industry that we love so much.

The breakroom is committed to providing content that helps you be the best YOU. If you take care of you first, you're able to take of others...including each other!

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