Sunday wellness treat ✨

Good morning and happy holidays from blue skies of Berlin. So thankful for it, as it’s been crazy grey for days.

November/ December is a Festive time, personally and professionally.

Financially fruitful but also physically exhausting.

Whether clients are wanting to rid themselves of “dead ends” which is so so metaphorical (more to come on that topic) or to get cleaned up for all of the parties and gatherings this time of year brings, it is most imperative that we get enough rest and nurture.

How do we do that? We are booked, busy, and the waiting lists continue to pile up...

We take mini steps, we do small things that ensure we are filling up. We become grateful and thankful. Simultaneously we stay gentle with ourselves when things bubble over and we lose control.

A practice I’ve started this past Thanksgiving goes like this, in the morning when my feet hit the floor, I say “thank you”.

I start the day in gratitude, no matter how well I slept or how I achy I might feel, I say thank you. This sets up your energy field to give all that you can, but most importantly to receive goodness back during these hectic times.

So you may not be able to hit the gym, meditate or do whatever it is that nurtures you normally, but a simple thank you goes a long way.

💜 Morning practice :

Wake up, really notice the soles of your feet hit the floor and say Thank You!

Another practice to help keep energy up is sending notes to a friend or maybe a fellow stylist friend. Support each other through this time. Become aware of all the moments that happened in that day and report them to one another. you can also do this weekly, no set rules. Just here to inspire 🧖🏽‍♀️

💚 Night time practice :

Grateful notes. This can be done alone or with a friend. Write down or text a friend 3 things you are grateful for on that given day.

Give it a good 30 days, build a habit of saying thank you to yourself.

Notice all the small joys that surround us, be proud and show yourself some love.

Wishing you nice clients and fat tips this holiday season.

Stay present and enjoy it all, and if all else fails, laugh.

With love,



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