Just Breathe.

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Yes, that is me in the Mediterranean Sea :)

You know that client that comes in with a life crisis and expects you to magically sort it all out with a "new look“? The week has been long and feels like one mini or big crisis after another. We think to ourselves "say no more, like really say no more" and then muster up the mental and creative energy needed to hopefully get the job.

How many of us get tense, anxious or stressed when those moments happen? What if you had the most simplest of tools to help you keep calm and actually let these energy zapping moments not get to you?

Well, you do... and that tool is the very reason you're even able to read this very first post of mine. BINGO, YOUR BREATH!

For today, I’m going to share something we all do, all day, everyday. BREATH! Sometimes the breath is shallow and other times its that one long deep inhalation that sends you into a relaxed or calm state. So check in on your breath, notice it become best friends with it. Its the basis of all life and without it, well you know.

Breathing can wash away tension, anxiety and stress in anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes. Take a quick moment to yourself (if the break room is packed with chatter, hide in the bathroom or work office).

take those deep breaths, help manage stress so you can keep creativity high and your chair occupied.

In the upcoming posts I will share step by step breathing techniques and explain their healing properties. Like with all things the first step is awareness, get acquainted with the most natural thing you do all the time, 12-25 times per minute on average.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... its all in you, boo !

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