Calming and inspiring spaces, do you know yours?

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Ever since I can remember I’ve been enchanted with beauty and creation. Whether it was choosing my Halloween costume as a child or which flowers go with what vase. My senses and what they take in have guided my inspiration. What inspires me then helps me create, and almost automatically the two go hand in hand.

Before creating or even noticing what could be inspiring, my own state of mind and senses need to be balanced.

How do I personally get there in an over stimulating world?

I take time and enter spaces that give me what I need.

“Presence and space“ being in the here and now, calming my mind, body and spirit, filling my own cup first, because as experience has taught me and continues to teach me, if I'm off so are my haircuts and everything else I take on.

These spaces look like nature, museums, a movie or even a great conversation with someone I look up to (hey @Christina).

Lets start with know trees, water, mountains or even that little park around the corner. In a world that is getting more screen than green, we must take time to re connect with the MOTHER of all mothers.

Nature not only serves the feeling of really knowing your place in the world but also by calming your nervous system, even the color green from trees is scientifically proven to bring your system back to what it craves, balance and calm. Check out this video about our brain on nature: This is your brain on nature: Nat Geo Live

Art, where would hairdressing be without art!? Shapes, colors, textures and stories.

They drive our senses and widen our world view, and help us ask the question “what else can I create?”

Christina and I at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Beauty and inspiration are everywhere.

Look up and around, listen and get quiet.

Find your spaces and places.

It is vital for your expression and your work.

Where are your spaces? Where do you go when you need to recalibrate? What does that look like for you?

Wishing you a week full of inspiration and beauty.

🌱 Sharlene

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