Meet Lauren Billingsley, Future Pro contributor

Hi everyone! I'm Lauren and I'm so honored to be a contributor to The Salon Breakroom. I've been doing hair for the last 17 years and over the course of time, completely fell in love with education. So much so that I've been working both behind the chair and teaching in schools for 9 of those years. schools. It can be a hot topic that many of us feel so passionately about, and rightly so. The reality is that there is a stigma around not only the professional industry, but also about the teachers that teach in beauty schools. No, we are not all working in schools because we couldn't "make it" behind the chair but yes, we teach because we want to give back through education in a way we were not fortunate enough to have.

I put a lot of passion and effort into teaching and have really learned an incredible amount doing it. I'm going to cover topics that will shed light onto beauty schools...the good, the bad and the let's make it better.

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