Get to Know Us

The Salon Breakroom is proud to have a team of content creators that are exclusively professional hairdressers.  Our contributors are people that have obtained specific knowledge on different lifestyle topics through a combination of experience, self teaching and training.  There's a reason our clients come to us for advice, now here's our chance to give back to our own community.

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Let's talk beauty schools

Lauren Billingsley has been 100% dedicated to our industry and our craft  since 2002. She has been a hairdresser behind the chair ever since  and is completely obsessed with education.  That obsession has led her to proudly teaching in cosmetology schools since 2011.  She is extremely passionate about properly training our future industry professionals and we are so lucky to have her as a contributor in the breakroom.

Super power: Keeping it real



Self care aficionado

Sharlene is a Sassoon and Aveda trained stylist specializing in curly hair.  She is a lover of the enneagram (she's a 4), deep thought, asking the BIG questions, yoga, hair and her newest endeavor - skin wellness. 

Sharlene is going to help cover breath work, thought work, and body work. She will have fun interviews and an array of health modalities.

Super Power: Positive and loving energy

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Seattle, Washington

Elizabeth has been a stylist for over 15 years, she owns a rad salon, loves being an entrepreneur.  She is a self proclaimed student of life and has spent the last few years becoming a CBD expert.   Most recently her passion project has been to created a boutique luxury CBD brand called Blumsi.  She gets excited about education & sharing ideas with like minded people.

Super Power: Being genuinely nice